Auxiliary ladder

This ladder is designed to help people with reduced mobility to sit and lie down in a size suitable for all people.

Auxiliary ladderAuxiliary ladder

Uses of auxiliary ladder

  • Helping people with disabilities sit and lie down
  • Facilitate movement and sitting for pregnant women and people with low back pain
  • A tool to strengthen the muscles of the arms, arms and back for the elderly

Auxiliary ladder suitable for:

  • Unrestrained beds for getting up and sitting
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Physiotherapy centers



* This product is not recommended for people who have numbness or immobility of the arms.


Technical specifications of auxiliary ladder:

Product Information
Auxiliary ladder product type
polyester Gender
2.5 cm Bar width
Adjustable the length
Thick nylon cover Package type


Auxiliary ladderAuxiliary ladder

Auxiliary ladderAuxiliary ladder