Bedside Grab Bar 

Bedside Grab Bar 
This Economy Bedside Grab Bar is an extremely sturdy and is of a lightweight construction offering unwavering support to the user and representing excellent value for money. Promoting confidence and independence.   
 Lord bedside grab bars fits securely under the mattress to provide additional stability whilst the handle sticks up along the side of the bed so the user can hold it to either lower down to the bed level, or grasp it when pulling themselves up to a sitting position, and then to a stand. 
Lord Bedside Grab Bar provides tremendous reassurance to the user and offers excellent safety and stability when getting into and out of bed and is easily adjustable to suit the needs of the individual.

Here is some information about the products:

  • Easily adjusted for a customised fit
  • Provides excellent stability and support
  • Reassures the user and promotes independence
  • Truly excellent value for money
  • Easy to install without the need for tools
  • Bed Grab Rail length: 900mm 
  • Bed Grab Rail height: 600mm 
  • Bed Grab Rail width: 450mm 

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