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Product Information
Homemade serum place product type
Single branch 8*8 cm - Two branches 20*8 cm  Sizes
4mm paper thickness
4screws and roll plates (included in the package) Mounted to the wall
Electrostatic paint anti-glare Type of cover
Approximate weight 0/3kg

Uses of household serum holder:

Home serum pendants are made in 2 different sizes, two-pronged and single-pronged.
Its uses include:
• Next to patients' beds and Persian and Iranian toilets
• Hospitals, surgical clinics and nursing homes
• Patient rooms and cleaning rooms of medical centers

Warranty terms:
All Lord static safety handles have a one-year warranty. The warranty starts from the date of the purchase invoice.

Technical specifications of serum place at home:

This product is available in longitudinal sizes of 1 in 2 cm with two branches of serum pendant and 2 in 2 cm with single serum pendant.
• Made of 3 mm resistant sheet
• Uniform and highly resistant welding at the joints using argon welding technology
• Beautiful, polished and durable appearance with electrostatic oven paint coating (oven paint)

* Note that this product should not be in constant contact with water.
** This product does not have cartons and has a double nylon package.
Homemade serum place
Homemade serum place