Auxiliary equipment during pregnancy1400/06/21
Auxiliary equipment during pregnancyPregnancy, in addition to its sweetness, is a difficult period for the mother physically. Physical changes and caring sensitivities prevent him from doing some things as before. Also, caution in sitting and getting up is a must during this period.
Equipment needed to care for the elderly1400/05/19
Equipment needed to care for the elderlyKeeping the elderly at home is much more effective than Godard Teter and better than nursing homes and medical centers. But for these loved ones, the need for proper equipment is essential.
Uses of save-up bracelets1400/05/19
Uses of save-up braceletsThese days, due to the increase in pathogens, parasites, neurological problems, etc., there is one or more people in almost every family who need care. Sometimes families act emotionally in these cases and prevent the person from doing the routine work that he / she is able to do by caring or paying too much attention.
Conditions for the care of the disabled in Corona13100/05/13
Conditions for the care of the disabled in CoronaDue to the existence of dear disabled people, the sanatorium for the disabled must observe all the cases in terms of observing the health protocols and the equipment for dealing with coronary heart disease, and provide the comfort and well-being of these loved ones.
Nursing home standards13100/05/13
Nursing home standardsToday, due to the aging of human resources and the many problems that exist, a number of elderly people have to go to nursing homes or nursing homes to continue living.
Rehabilitation equipment for special patients13100/05/13
Rehabilitation equipment for special patientsContrary to popular belief, rehabilitation equipment is not for the disabled. This equipment, as its name implies, can be used to help and increase the power of each person.
The importance of having a wheelchair mat13100/05/13
The importance of having a wheelchair matWheelchairs are basically a rigid layer that makes sitting for a disabled person difficult and exhausting after continuous use. In some cases, it is possible to cause bed sores. For the convenience of people who use wheelchairs, the existence of a wheelchair mattress is very important.
What is an aging handle?13100/05/13
What is an aging handle?Aging is a period of every person's life that can start from the age of 55-60. In fact, aging is directly related to manpower. The human body degenerates with age. This makes the human body less resistant to disease in old age.
Universal multi-purpose design in the construction of houses13100/05/13
Universal multi-purpose design in the construction of housesFocusing on a variety of disabilities, the ONCE Spanish Foundation, a leading foundation, designed the first accessible, intelligent, and supportive home for a variety of disabilities to demonstrate the construction facilities and equipment that meet the needs of a variety of disabilities.