Waist traction device

Pain from the disease spreads to the pelvis, thighs, legs, and sometimes even the head. The most effective and uncomplicated treatment for spinal diseases with a focus on lumbar disc lesions is stretching the spine. This method is called traction. Simply put, the application of tensile force in the spine, in the short term, increases the distance between the vertebrae and reduces the pressure on the nerve fibers and eliminates pain. Traction can repair the disc in the long run by increasing blood flow and nutrition, as well as restoring the elastic of the disc to its original position.

Waist traction device

This device is designed and manufactured for the personal use of the patient at home with a doctor's prescription.

Advantages of Lord Lumbar Stretching Machine

Waist traction device


Lord waist stretch machine price

When you buy a Lord waist belt, you and those around you can use it for life. Due to the increasing use of treatment, medication and travel, this device alone will play a significant role in the cost of your treatment.

When to use God's waist stretcher

Having a lumbar spine at home saves you time and traffic from wasting your time at the health center.

Use God's back stretching machine at any time and place

Lord lumbar stretching devices are very light and portable and will be by your side always and everywhere like a physiotherapist so that your treatment process will not be disrupted.

Ease of use Lord Lord lumbar stretch

People with low back pain suffer from severe pain with every movement.

Waist traction device

Lord waist stretching machine suitable forBack pain

  • Disc protrusion
  • Degenerative discs and dehydrated discs
  • Intervertebral prolapse
  • Slip or disc herniation
  • Disc rupture
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal joint wear or fasciitis syndrome
  • Spinal nerve root lesions and spinal canal stenosis
  • Muscle and nerve entanglement
  • Muscle spasm
  • Arthritis

Details of Lord Lumbar Tension Machine

Ability to use the patient alone
Easy shipping
Ability to adjust the size for different patients
Measuring and measuring the applied force
Warranty and after-sales service

Technical specifications of Lord waist stretching machine

Product Information
Waist traction device product type
82*40*10cm Sizes
High quality natural leather Procedure
No need for electricity and batteries type of action
High pressure pneumatic Propulsion
10kg Weight
Black, blue, red Color

Pictures of Lord waist stretching machine

Waist traction deviceWaist traction device

Waist traction deviceWaist traction deviceWaist traction device