The quality of Lord's products is for export

The experience of exporting to Qatar and European countries is our pride

Lord seeks to faciliate an independent and secure life

Helping to improve the independent and safe life of people with disabilities is one of Lord's important goals

Communication and interaction with the target community

We are not just a producer and we are trying to increase the quality of life in the target community

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Why lord?

By using reliable supply chain, Kian Tehzih Mehr Afarin company prepares the separate parts of its products and assembles the final product after ensuring the quality of the produced parts, and after testing and carefully checking the packaging, Lord post the products to its customers. 

Leila Daneshvar
Leila Daneshvar Member of the board

After researching and assessing the needs of the target community, which includes people with disabilities and the elderly, Kianjahiz MehrAfarin Company is ready to provide the best adaptation and rehabilitation products with the best quality with Lord brand.

 Akram Goli
Akram Goli Manager of the Factory

Lord's products have a beautiful appearance, a solid structure, high quality package and a very reasonable price compared to their Iranian and foreign competitors. this company is intended to export its products to new markets and countries around Iran.

Anna Russberg
Anna Russberg The chair of the boar

Where to buy Lord products?

Online store of Lord

In order to provide a better service to the target community, the Lord complex has offered customization products, rehabilitation products, and products related to independent and safe living in its online store.

Lord agents

It is possible to buy high quality products related to adaptation and products related to rehabilitation and independent living of people with disabilities and elderly people in stores in different cities of Iran.

Lord is a product producer Rehabilitation and adaptation equipment in Iran

To increase your information and knowledge in the field of rehabilitation, independent and safe living

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تا مناسب سازی شهر برای معلولان فاصله زیادی داریم

تا مناسب سازی شهر برای معلولان فاصله زیادی داریم

1402/08/24 مناسب سازی

تا مناسب سازی شهر برای معلولان فاصله زیادی داریم به گزارش قدس خراسان، استفاده از پل عابر پیاده، وسایل حمل و نقل عمومی، طی کردن پیاده‌رو و... جزو حقوق بدیهی هر شهروندی است؛ اما استفاده از همین امکانات برخی وقت‌ها برای افراد کم‌توان تبدیل به یک حسرت می‌شود. وقتی ورود ویلچر به اتوبوس و خروج از آن مشکل باشد یا پل عابر پیاده آسانسور مناسبی نداشته باشد، افراد دارای معلولیت و کم‌توان نمی‌توانند به راحتی از خدمات و امکانات شهری استفاده کنند.  آنچه در این میان می‌تواند یاریگر باشد، انجام ضوابط مناسب‌سازی فضای شهر است که در سیاست‌های کلی نظام نیز مورد تأکید رهبر معظم انقلاب قرار گرفته است. مشهد دسترس‌پذیرترین شهر برای معلولان مسئول دبیرخانه ستاد مناسب‌سازی استان خراسان رضوی

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